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Save Android battery by following 20 steps

How many times have you happened to find yourself around 5 pm with the phone battery at 10-15%. In that moment you think about everything you've done during the day with your smartphone, to understand the proper use thatsave battery on your device. Sometimes you have the cause of this problem clear, which arises, for example, if you use your device to play with it for a long time or to watch videos. In this case we try to understand if there is a way to answer the question on how to save battery. Save Android battery by reading this guide with our suggestions.

But if you've ever wondered why the phone runs so fast, without excessive use, then you've come to the right place. Save battery on Android devices by following these 20 tips that you can put into practice right away, without having to download any application, which will allow you to extend the battery life of your Android smartphone by at least a couple of hours.

Save Android battery with 20 precautions

1. 3G consumes more than Wifi

This news may be new to you, however it will certainly be useful to know that even if your subscription offers you infinite data traffic, in terms of energy savings, it will be more useful to use the wifi network when available.

2. Turn off Wifi outside the homesave battery 1

On the contrary, when you are away from home or when you know you are not in the presence of a usable wifi network, turn off the wifi connection to increase the life of your battery, because even if your smartphone cannot connect to the wifi, given its absence , will continue to search for some networks in the neighborhood, consuming a lot of energy.

3. Save battery by turning off the Bluetooth if you don't need to use it

This may be trivial, but it is not uncommon for this to remain activated after a data exchange via Bluetooth. It causes us a huge and above all useless energy expenditure, so always turn off the bluetooth when you don't use it to save battery on the device.

4. Do not always leave the synchronization active

I know you will always want to keep up with your Facebook, Google, Whatsapp and any other application updates, but it does affect us a lot about your battery life. So remember to turn off automatic synchronization and, maybe, activate it once a week so that you can perform all the week's syncs in one shot.

5. Put the phone in airplane mode

If you often, when you are in a meeting, at school or on other occasions when you cannot use your smartphone, just silence it, remember that it is more convenient, in terms of energy expenditure, to put the phone in airplane mode (offline). This feature can also be used to charge the phone faster. When you connect it to the charger, try putting your device in airplane mode and watch how fast it loads!

6. Disable system sound and vibration

I know they are often pleasant, reassuring and can be useful, but system sounds (feedback sounds) and vibration are quite expensive in energy terms. Try to think how many times your smartphone has to vibrate at the touch while you send a message …

7. Live wallpapers

now known to most people that an animated background consumes more energy than a static background (at the bottom of the article you will find a trick related to the background), however I thought I would include it in the list of suggestions anyway since maybe you are at the first experiences with the smartphoneAndroid.

8. When not needed, remove the location

As with bluetooth and wifi, GPS (geolocation) also consumes a lot of energy if it remains active, so if you don't need it, turn it off to increase the life of your battery.

9. Deactivate and uninstall applications you don't use

You will often have found yourself downloading applications, which you then used 1-2 times. You should know that even though you don't use them, they often "work" the same in the background, looking for updates, notifications and more. So, if possible, from time to time make a check of the applications you don't use and uninstall them, instead for the system applications you don't use and that can be deactivated, deactivate them.

10. Decrease the time before the automatic phone lock

Among the settings of your smartphone you can find a section dedicated to the screen. Among the options included in it there is the "Screen off" item from which you can decide after how long the device is not used until it is automatically locked. Therefore, try to reduce this delay as much as possible to save battery and increase its battery 2

11. Adjust brightness, disabling automatic adjustment

The automatic brightness adjustment, present in the latest smartphones, certainly very comfortable. The problem that the sensors of the device, to realize the light conditions in which it is used, must carry out several controls which consume a lot of energy, so it is better to manually adjust the brightness, trying to keep it to a minimum when possible to save battery and increase its duration.

12. Don't use widgets that update very frequently

Especially in Samsung smartphones, there are predefined widgets (and not) like the weather, which are updated very frequently if activated. The energy expenditure they cause is significant, so try to avoid these widgets and, if you want to see the weather, use a separate application and not the widget.

13. Limit the number of applications that work in the background

Save battery by not leaving too many applications working in the background. When you finish using one, close it with a swipe (dragging them to the right or left) because they consume energy unnecessarily.

save battery 3

14. Closing multitasking applications does not save energy

It will happen more than once to open multitasking and to find applications, such as the music player, that despite having closed them with a swipe (dragging them to the right or left) are running. I tried myself that closing them from multitasking, in that case, involves a greater energy expenditure than leaving them running. This is because the energy needed to close them and reopen them in the subsequent use greater than what is necessary to keep them "quiet".

save battery 4

15. Do not use those applications that promise to make the battery last longer

I think you have also seen how many applications there are on the Play Store that promise to save battery power and increase its duration by several hours … the problem that almost never occurs, indeed often continuing to work in the background increases energy consumption, even reducing battery life. Save battery by not installing battery-saving apps!

16. Identify the apps that consume the most energy and uninstall them

There are some applications that, without your knowledge, consume much of your battery's energy. Being that there are often less expensive alternatives to these applications, I suggest you uninstall them and replace them. To track down what are the applications that consume all your energy, you will simply have to go to your phone's settings and then on Battery, so seeing the usage percentages you can adjust what to do.

17. Disable automatic updates for emails, Facebook, Twitter …

How many times have you found yourself in your mailbox and, without reloading the incoming message panel, did you receive a new message? Or with Facebook news? Well, you should know that all this continuous updating consumes a lot of energy, so a good way to save battery and extend its life disable these automatic updates. Below in the images there are 3 sections of the Facebook settings menu on which you can act to limit the energy consumption due to it.

save battery 5

18. Save battery by keeping your smartphone cool

It may seem strange to you, but our phones are not meant to be in hot environments. So when you go for a run, or when you are on the beach, to save battery try to protect your smartphone, since the battery will discharge and be damaged if it is kept warm.

19. Take advantage of the features of your Amoled display

save battery 6

Many smartphones, especially Samsung, have an Amoled display. Perhaps you don't know that these types of displays have a very interesting feature, in fact when an Amoled display has to reproduce the black color it turns off the pixels. You therefore have practically perfect blacks and good energy savings. Precisely for this reason it could be a good move, if you have an Amoled display, set a completely black background to increase the life of your battery.

Tips and tricks to save battery are currently terminated. However you may have noticed that there are not 20 as the title promises, but 19. This is because the list can be completed by you, write in the comments which trick you use to increase the life of your battery so as to complete this post!

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