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Samsung update: guide to all methods

Do you have a Samsung smartphone but you don't know how to update the Android software to get new features or to correct any errors that may have occurred during use? Don't worry: in this guide I will show you all methods to update Samsung. It starts from an Android OTA update (the easiest to make) to the installation of a new custom ROM (the most difficult procedure, but still within everyone's reach).

Samsung update via OTA

As already mentioned in the introduction, the simplest method to carry out a Samsung software update is to use the integrated update system inside the Samsung device. Take your Samsung smartphone or tablet, open the menu Settings – Phone info and click on Software update. Search for possible Android updates for the device in use; if updates are present it will be downloaded automatically when you are under WiFi (so as not to consume too much data traffic), then a screen will allow you to install it or schedule the installation at night (while you sleep, do everything automatically).Samsung update

Once the Android software has been updated, the device will restart and continue the installation completely automatically; all you have to do is wait for the device to restart after a firmware update.

Samsung software update via Kies or Smart Switch

Another very useful method for making a Samsung upgrade is to use the PC with the Kies suite or Smart Switch; in this way you can download and install the update via USB cable.

If you have a Samsung phone with Android 4.2 or lower, take your PC with Windows installed (or alternatively a Mac) and download SamsungKies free of charge from the following link.


If you have a Samsung device with Android 4.3 or higher, download Smart Switchfrom the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Smart Switch

If you use Kies you will see the update notification for your Samsung device as soon as you connect it to your PC via USB cable; click on Firmware update to start the update.Samsung firmware update

If you use Smart Switch instead, the "Update" or "Update" button will appear as soon as you connect the device to the PC (always via USB cable).Samsung firmware update

Samsung firmware update via recovery

Another valid method to update the Samsung firmware is to use the device recovery to upload the update to the device. All you need to do is get the Android update for your Samsung phone from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Samsung firmware

Enter the name of the device in the search bar of the site to open the firmware download page.Samsung firmware update

Once you have recovered the right file, upload it to the internal memory and restart the device in recovery mode (search on Google how to do for your specific Samsung model). In the recovery of Samsung select the item Apply update from external storage, select the downloaded file and wait for the update.Samsung firmware update

Samsung update via Odin

This method is slightly more difficult than those seen so far, since it needs to reformat the device with the new and updated official ROM. Using this update method you will therefore lose the data stored on the device, including apps and customizations.Samsung firmware update

When you are ready to use this method, just read the following complete guide on the site, where you will be explained step by step how to update with Odin.

LINK |How to update Samsung firmware with Odin

Samsung firmware update: use custom ROMs

The last method you can use to get the Samsung firmware update is to change the device's ROM. The most popular ROM LineageOS, with which you can check the speed of Android Stock.Samsung firmware update

You can find the guide to install LineageOS in the guide available below.

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