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Rotate or flip videos with a click!

Nowadays portable devices are constantly growing and are increasingly powerful in terms of data processing. Many now use mobile phones to make and watch videos, or use portable players. Often it happens to be with a inverted video or rotated 90 and, before sharing them on the internet (for example on Facebook) or transfer them to your portable player, you should modify them so as not to have to turn your head to see them "straight" (or maybe turn the monitor …).Video Flip And RotateThere are many programs that allow you to edit videos and rotate them, but often, since many of them allow you to make various video changes, in the end it is difficult to go and see how to rotate a video.Free Video Flip and Rotate deals only with rotate and / or flip the video and for this reason it is very easy to use even for less experienced users, in addition a free (free) and multilingual (including Italian) program.

Free Video Flip and Rotate comes with a really minimalistic graphic interface, with the few commands needed to perform the various actions we need.

The program can be downloaded from the following link: Download Free Video Flip and Rotate

It will be enough to install it (remember to remove the check mark from Install the DVDVideoSoft Toolbar when you proceed with the installation) and you can immediately start using it.

Simple operation: just select the video file you want to edit and indicate where the edited video should be saved (if you don't choose the destination, the edited video will be saved in the same folder as the original video), select the change you want to make and click on Convert.

The changes you can make are as follows:

  • rotate 90 counterclockwise;
  • rotate 180;
  • rotate 90 clockwise;
  • reverse horizontally;
  • flip vertically;
  • rotate 90 clockwise + flip vertically;
  • rotate 90 counterclockwise + flip vertically;

The program works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.