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Radialogic Software disappears

Disappears Radialogic Software logomacitynet1200wide 1

Radialogic Software a division of Prosoft Engineering and the author of widespread overseas packages, such as CD Master and Chaos Master, or utilities for managing hard disks and storage units. From today, however, we no longer know what destiny software house packages will have, in fact, on their site, we read that the entire division was purchased, but the name of the buyer is not revealed. Probably it could be a big name, the very efficient Radialogic software with difficult peripherals such as hd firewire, and someone might be interested in the software house algorithms to plug holes in their packages, just as Prosoft retains the rights to the Chaos Master package, the most distant package from hardware device management. In fact, support for users will be guaranteed until March 30th of next year, then nothing more … Will we find traces of the software in FWB packages? Or directly in MacOS? Any hypothesis open …

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