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Quotle, the Instagram of quotations

Text periods can be transcribed or scanned: once packaged in a postcard, they can be shared on social networks


Other than postcards created with photo editing: to bring back the quote taken from a book and pass it on c ?Quotle.

This is an app that takes inspiration from OneShot to become a bit of Instagram of literary quotes. The three main features of the application are: the ability to create citations, the ability to share them, and to follow other users.There are two ways to process a sentence: write it down or use the camera to scan it (it works with an optical recognition system). The processing also includes the choice of the font, and the quotation will then be packaged as a postcard, complete with author and source.

Sharing can take place on Quotle itself, Facebook, Twitter and Evernote. A useful app to inspire new readings and to write long lasting sentences.


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