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Program to clone your hard disk

Every time we work with our computer data we are always frightened of possible failures or inadvertent deletions of our hard drive. A remedy to protect ourselves from these possible problems lies in clone your hard diskThis operation is very useful both if we have just installed our Operating System cleanly and with all the settings we prefer for which we have lost a lot of time, both in the configuration and installation of the correct drivers for each peripheral device, but also if we want have the security of having an exact copy of our hard disk, where we keep photos and important documents that, with a power surge and therefore a rupture of our hard disk could be lost.

Hard disk data backup

In our help comes Simple HDD Cloner, a software that allows you to back up your data, which is simple to say little, very light and free of options behind which the less experienced could rack their brains.

The program occupies only 77.55 KB, with a very simple interface, in which to select in point 1. under "Please select device input method", the source we want to clone, and in point 2. under "Please select device output method ?, the destination where we want to clone data, nothing simpler!

Once this is done, click on the Clone button which, when opening a prompt window, will start the copying process.

The program can be downloaded here:

Download Simple HDD Cloner 2.0