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Profit Warning: the sooner you announce, the sooner you lose.

Profit Warning: the sooner you announce, the sooner you lose. logomacitynet1200wide 1

That Apple has financial problems is no longer a big secret.We have talked about it on many occasions (this article is only the last, in order of time, which analyzes the misfortunes of the AAPL title) and also yesterday '' yet another drop to the Nasdaq ($ 14,438), a market that has not enjoyed the official designation (after 36 long days) of the 43rd president of the United States (for those who still do not know it has won what is said to be more compliant with Microsoft's thesis in the antitrust process). A market that however falls en masse on most of the titles related to the computer sector and the Internet (latest in the series: AMD, Compaq, Gateway and Intel), Oracle (as already predicted ) exceptionally excluded: fiscal quarter up by more than 60%! Adobe also records a good fiscal quarter which closes a phenomenal year for the company of San Jose.Symbolically for example, Microsoft has just announced that its next fiscal quarter will contain lower results (about 5-6%) than expected (profit warning) and MSFT down to $ 55.5. What's new? There is no news, unfortunately for all we still do not see the bottom for this very steep fall. At partial consolation of Apple shareholders we can note that, as the deadlines of the tax quarters do not all arrive on the same day, well, the company Cupertino is one of the first to have these terms on the calendar and is one of the ones that made the most news and, since last March, or since the end of the period where everything was rosy (perhaps too much), it led the "Dancing downwards".

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