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Play on the stock exchange and invest in the major markets with Fanta-trade

If you are passionate about finance and want to playing investing virtual euros on the stock exchange in the major world markets, without risking anything, but increasing one's passion for investments, today we report an excellent site for doing so, which could be of interest to you.

Playing on the stock exchange with Fanta-Trade

With all the scandals and financial crises that have occurred in recent times, the worst thing that can be done is to jump into an unknown way, going after the hope of easy earnings, in particularly tight times, not knowing with whom and what you have what to do.

For this reason we recommend Fanta-trade, which is nothing but an Italian community, in which you can challenge yourself in a simulation game of investments in stock exchange and trading, in which you will be assigned 100,000 virtual euros, to invest everything to your taste in a very realistic way, the prices of the various exchanges are in fact the real ones, with values ??updated in real time, playing on the stock exchange with the real prices of shares, derivatives and not only, but also playing with the currencies of the major world markets (Forex) .

forex demo

For those who do not know Forex Forex the abbreviation of foreign exchange (foreign exchange) and the largest financial market in the world that allows trading in international currencies, where the value of the exchange rate of one currency against another, reflects the conditions of the economy of two countries compared.

Coming back to us, in this community you will be able to compete with other fanta-traders, even in teams, using graphics, analysis and through the advice provided by users and the blog, and maybe end up in the first positions of the ranking.

All without spending a single euro, without risking anything, a great way to learn how to invest in stocks, shares and currencies of the markets and increase one's passion in the world of finance, exchanging opinions and advice between users via the game forum .The actual information regarding last price, changes, volumes and graphs is provided for each purchasable share.

forex demo shares

Well you just have to try, just sign up for the site (for free), all by accessing this link: Fanta-trade

and maybe tell us how your stock market investment went.