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Opera Mini for Android adds web apps

New version for the Android browser. In dowry it brings support to web apps: special links that act like applications in their own right

(Photo: Opera Software)(Photo: Opera Software)

The popular Opera and Opera Mini browsers on Android are updated and with the new versions just announced, the historical alternatives to Chrome bring several improvements as a dowry.

The first introduces the support for video compression – to limit the amount of data consumed during connections from a cellular network – and to web apps: through a specific option in the browser, each website can now have its connection on the Android home screen in the form of an icon. Touching it, the saved link opens in a dedicated window acting as if it were an app in its own right.

(Photo: Opera Software)(Photo: Opera Software)

In the Mini version they improve it card management (the new ones can now be opened in the background, without leaving the page you are visiting) and the download system, which now generates custom notifications when a file has been downloaded.

Both the regular browser and the reduced edition are already available for free in their updated versions on the Play Store.


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