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New York Times and YouTube take you to virtual reality

The historic headline and the giant of the video streaming make VR content available to their users

vr(Photo: Google)

"Oh, what do we do over the weekend? Beer? Pizza? Virtual reality ride? ". More and more are the protagonists of publishing and technology that make VR content available: the New York Times, for example, has just launched its dedicated application (free for iOS and Android).

Subscribers should have received the Cardboard by mail in which to insert the smartphone, for a 3D view, but the videos are obviously usable even in its absence, losing the three-dimensional aspect (and much of the sense, it must be said). app there are already the first demonstration videos, but also some journalistic services. These are contents for which the historic magazine does not ask for additional costs to the user, and the scope of the event is clear.

The Cardboard what is also used for the use of VR videos provided by YouTube, in the app for Android. "The virtual reality (VR) makes the experience of being l even more engaging, so today we introduce two new features", Google announced. just the phone, maybe a headset and the game done. VR videos are a step forward even with respect to the 360 ??vision, because they return the visual dynamics that you would have during an outdoor walk (the sense of depth, for example).

In addition to supporting this type of content, the second novelty introduced by YouTube concerns the videos already existing on the platform: you can watch any video using Google Cardboard, and experience a kind of virtual cinema. The Cardboard option will appear from the page view menu and at that point it will be sufficient to insert the phone in the display.


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