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New Macs, meeting on Tuesday, January 16th?

New Macs, scheduled for Tuesday, January 16th? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Jobs had been clear since the beginning of his keynote: "today we will not talk about Macs". So when the audience was dismissed from the notes of John Mayer no one was too stupid of the fact that no computer with the Apple appeared on the slides that the CEO used for his presentation. Many, in any case, could not help wondering if it was all over or if there would be no surprise in Expo. Inside the fair, I then noticed that there were only old ones on display (so to speak) Mac Pro, MacBook (also Pro), Mac mini and iMac without significant changes. But the wait for the launch of what many have been waiting for in San Francisco, Macity learned, should be brief: in fact, from next Tuesday, in fact, there may be some news.

According to sources that our site considers very reliable, in fact, next January 16, Cupertino could announce a series of new products in the desktop environment. It should almost certainly be new Mac Pro (with two quadruple core processors) but also probably new Mac mini and new iMacs. With regard to the all in one, the item concerns the launch of a model with a "Quad" Core processor; for Mac mini new Core 2 Duo chips. For Mac Pro the processors should be the new generation Xeon.

The reason why Apple would have decided not to present the machines in the context of the Macworld is simple: too little time is available if you wanted, as it was then, to emphasize the iPhone, too much interest in the mobile phone because any other product could enjoy even a glimmer of visibility. Hence the choice to devote all the attention to the telephone (with the praiseworthy exception of Apple TV) and to postpone any other announcement to when the dust aroused by the telephone will be deposited a little.

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