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It was to be expected that something would have happened, since, at the beginning of the year (as we have already told you on these pages), on the Apple site in English (USA, United Kingdom, but also Canada and Australia) an image appeared that represented a sun that rose behind the logo, (or as they interpreted it in a rather suggestive way, the era of Apple Computers Inc. was setting).

Now we know that the company since yesterday is called only Apple Inc., but as for the site, changed a lot.

From the graphic point of view, the whole chromatic setting of the pages changed; the background now black and no longer white; the text in negative white, or gray (for hypertexts); reflections and shadows have disappeared, to which Cupertino had accustomed us.

Most surprisingly, the site reveals that we have grown, from the point of view of the use of the Internet, we have matured, and we can go to discover the links, even without the need for a signal (the hand that indicates the presence of a link), in the main image of the new homepage.

In this way, almost without realizing it, if we pass over the main image (in this case obviously the iPhone), and if for any visual appeal we click on it, we go to the page dedicated to the iPhone.

Other changes to the interface are characterized by the boxes of the boxes (always all rounded, but trimmed with a single pixel line, white)

If you want to make a comparison with the previous version, you will just need to go to see the site in Italian, not yet updated; at the time of writing the only renewed site in the US,

(Edited by Iain Antony)