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Monica Silva "A promise and a reflection"

Monica Silva recounts herself and her photography, an intense and full of strength story

A promise and a reflection

by Monica

Monica Silva

I come from nothing, from nothing I created myself, from nothing I conquered, from nothing I got here. I could still be that little girl in one of the many favelas of Sao Paulo, sad and hungry, begging or defacing my soul, or even selling myself off on a street corner and ending up feeling envy of those who had given more life. Instead, I decided that that was not my destiny, that I could change things with the sole desire to do without ever stepping on others or bartering my flesh as those I know today as pedophiles had done. I whispered to my heart that one day I would go through the doors of the great lords, because they would welcome me like a princess and so it was. My path has already started and I do not want, I cannot, to let my guard down on my final writing, because one day I promised that little girl that we would do it, that we would arrive where she had dreamed. This is me in a naked truth. I, with dreamy eyes, heart throbbing with amazement, strong legs and high head; this is me and for those who want to read me, I will still have much to tell with my soul, with my images. Photography gave me the opportunity to understand myself, to find myself and gain strength. The photographic medium for me is a plate, The mirror of the god, paraphrasing the title of Stefano Ferrari's book which demonstrates and certifies my existence. I did a lot of research, took many selfs before I came to the conclusion that a photograph is nothing more than a reflection of what we are. In every landscape, portrait or detail that we freeze on the sensors of the filming media we find ourselves inside with all the power of our being. Deciding which photo represented me would have been almost impossible, because I am every shot I take, and every shot represents me so here is the photo I wanted to publish in this article. A self portrait, done with an iPhone, where in contrast with my femininity a nostalgic look is glimpsed, a strong and aware thought of what I am.