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Microsoft, a new launcher available for Android

Arrow Launcher an alternative home for Android systems and now available for free on Play Store

(Photo: Microsoft)(Photo: Microsoft)

During the summer, Microsoft published the beta version of Arrow Launcher, an application that allowed users to create an alternative Home on Android phones and tablets. For several hours the software came out of its preliminary version and entered permanently in the Google Play Store, allowing anyone who wanted to stamp the Redmond stamp on their smartphone.

In a nutshell, Arrow does nothing revolutionary, but it can simplify the Android experience by providing an interfaceintelligent, which automatically orders apps based on frequency of use.

Each launcher page has a very specific purpose, see for example the list of the most recent contacts or the last files you worked with. Obviously possible customize the start screen to your liking, setting any favorite page as a starting screen.

Among the other features offered there is the possibility of having a background provided by Bing that changes daily and a dock where you can add links to instantly access the apps you want. The Arrow Launcher download is completely free.


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