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iPhone, Palm and Rim tremble

Palm and Rim are the two main iPhone market goals. This is agreed not only by Jobs who has repeatedly mentioned them in his keynote, and by observers, but also by investors. Proof? The data coming from the American and Canadian stock exchange.

If, in fact, just after the presentation of the phone the Cupertino shares skyrocketed closing, as specified yesterday, very close to the historical highs with a growth of over 9%, those of Palm and Rim were falling. At the end of the day, Rim, which produces the well-known Blackberries, lost 7.7% on the Toronto stock exchange and 7.9% on the Nasdaq; Palm was only slightly better with a 5.69% drop.

But even Nokia and Motorola, two other companies that rely heavily on telephony, have lost ground even if not so clearly with decreases of 1.32% and 1.83% respectively.

The reason why Rim and Palm paid more for the iPhone debut in Apple's mobile phone market. In fact, the Cupertino Smartphone goes to occupy a niche, that of communication devices for the consumer public, on which Palm and Rim count in an essential way to increase their business. In addition to this, neither company has alternatives in other market segments, as Nokia and Motorola have. In short, investors think that Apple with iPhone can, if not put out of the way, certainly make life very difficult for those who compare directly with it.