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IntelliTouch EOS Wireless: the wireless system for iPod

We had already announced the preview of the Eos Wireless docking system; now the system is definitively launched by the company.

As already mentioned, the system consists of a base dock complete with speaker and subwoofer capable of communicating via a series of audio units, also equipped with speakers and subwoofers that can be positioned in the room.

Thanks to Eos ?GigaWave technology, the transmission between the central body and the reception audio units has a range of 50 meters, even through walls or obstacles. The dock transmission unit supports up to a maximum of 4 units, both the base and the audio units use SRS WOW technology, which should guarantee the optimization of the sound system within the environment in which the system is positioned.

As expected, further accessories will be available, such as additional audio units, including waterproof ones, and auxiliary transmission bases, to cover a larger surface area over larger spaces.

The system will be on sale in retail stores from next March at a price of 299 dollars; the package will include the transmission base with an audio unit. Other audio units or transmission bases can be purchased separately for 129 Dollars per piece, also sold on the online store.

For more information, see our preview.