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IBM: here is the 750 MHz PPC

IBM: here is the 750 MHz PPC logomacitynet1200wide 1

IBM would have already started marketing the new PPC 750CX. It is learned by reading the home page dedicated to the chip in which Big Blue lists the 700 MHz version as "available". If the news were confirmed, Apple could already have started the construction of machines equipped with Sidewinder, machines that could not be other than the new PowerBooks that everyone expects to release for the next MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. Even if the IBM site doesn't specify anything about it, it would be the CXe version. The CX version, already in use in iBooks, would not in fact be able to overcome at present the 550 MHz. From time to time our site, even in contrast with a large number of much more prestigious American sites than Macity, considers very unlikely the release of a laptop with G4. On the contrary since the time of the announcement of the PPC 750 from these columns we have always considered that Cupertino relies for the consumer and portable line to the IBM and Pro processors for those of Motorola. Difficult to say which cuts will be used on San iMacs Francisco but given the specifications dictated by IBM we believe that it is a 600 and a 700 MHz model. Only at these speeds will the new machines be able to offer significantly better performance than the current ones. For architectural reasons, in fact, the CXe as the CX with the same clock frequency is not able to beat the PPC 750 that in PB are now offered in cuts of 400 and 500 MHz. San Francisco could also mark, in parallel, the terminus for the PPC 750 series processors, also commonly referred to as G3. In fact, the IBM roadmap reports, presumably between the end of next year and the beginning of 2002, a new processor whose specifications have not yet been revealed that will replace the current ones. In this regard, MacOs Rumors, on whose reliability they always go made of the distinctions, he hypothesized that it would be PPC 760 whose target speed would be set even at 1.5 GHz. Although the jump from 750 (the hypothetical maximum speed of the CXe) and a GHz and a half we seem too big to think that of half there will be nothing else but emptiness, it is not hard to believe that Big Blue is working hard to implement proprietary solutions to continue the run of the PPC architecture and that in the laboratories of IBM we want to overcome the GHz barrier soon. Useless run too fast and ask yourself what machines the new chips will be destined for right now. For now we limit ourselves to stressing that from here to then we will probably expect the adoption of PPC 750 CXe on the new iMac (in Tokyo?) And a new 550 MHz version of the PPC 750 CX on the new iBooks (also in Tokyo? ). The rest entrusted only to the imagination. At least for now.

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