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How to view offline web pages in Chrome on Android

If you read a lot of articles online, chances are you have encountered problems with network connectivity and more. Also, there are times when you might want to read an article later, and you just want to save it for when you have time to read it. Until now, people have used apps like Pocket or Instapaper to save links to read later. However, Google has just announced a new feature in Chrome for Android with which users can download web pages to their devices and read them later. So if you want to use the new offline mode in Google Chrome, here's how to view offline web pages in Chrome on Android:

Download web pages for offline viewing

Note : to view the download options you need to have the latest version of Chrome. At the moment, Chrome for Android currently on 58.0.3029.83

If you want to save web pages for offline viewing, you can simply follow the steps below:

  • Launch Chrome and find the link for the webpage you want to download. Hold for a long time on the link and in the context menu that appears, the option "is displayed Download link ". Tap this icon. Chrome may ask you for storage permissions if you haven't yet downloaded the files using Chrome.

  • If you see the error page " You're offline "or the Chrome dinosaur page as you navigate a web page, you'll see a button that reads" Download page after ". You can tap this and Chrome will append the web page to be downloaded the next time you have a working Internet connection.

  • Downloading web pages for viewing later also works for article suggestions displayed on the "New Tab" page in Chrome. Then, you can save all the articles you want to read later (or maybe on a flight), then read them remaining offline.

Plus, Chrome lets you easily access your saved and web pages view all the pages you've saved on Chrome's "New Tab" page, with a special badge to mark them as unloaded. You can simply touch these downloaded web pages and view them as you wish.

Easily save web pages for offline viewing in Chrome

Chrome offers a very easy-to-use method for saving web pages for offline viewing or simply reading it later. The way Chrome handles this quite differently from the way that app like Pocket saves the links. Most offline reading applications save only the website text for later reading, however, Chrome's native functionality saves the entire web page and always keeps a list of web pages ready for you, even when you're offline. So, you will uninstall apps like Pocket, now that Chrome has the functionality natively and with many more possibilities? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.