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How to use iPhone X: all the gestures, Animoji and Reachability

A few days ago, the new iPhone X, the first smartphone from Apple to be without the physical Home button, was released. This lack has led to very noticeable changes in the daily use of mobile phones that could disorientate those who own it. Precisely for this reason we have decided to include in this guide all the new gestures necessary for use iPhone X.

How to use iPhone X

If you have purchased the new iPhone X and you are wondering how to perform certain operations, do not worry, in this guide we will show you all the various gestures and how to use iPhone X.

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How to exit Apps on iPhone X

The first doubt that you will be confronted upon seeing the absence of the Home button on the iPhone X will surely have been: "how can I close the Apps?". In the past it was enough, in fact, to click on the Home button. Now, on the new iPhone X, the equally simple operation. Baster, in fact, drag the lower part of the screen true to the top, starting on the line at the bottom.

How to call up Multitasking on iPhone X

And Multitasking? In the past, it was called by pressing the Home button twice. Now, in the absence of the physical key, we should drag the lower part of the screen upwards, exactly as if we wanted to close it, arriving, in the middle of the screen.

How to close the Apps in Multitasking

Once Multitasking is called, on the iPhone X they will close differently than the previous models. On the iPhone X, in fact, it will not be enough to launch the app previews upwards, but you will have to hold down the app for a long time until a red icon appears. Only then will you be able to close the applications using the newly appeared icon or by launching the previews with a slide upwards.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone X

Even taking a screenshot on the iPhone has always required pressing the Home button. In previous models, in fact, it was possible to take a screenshot by pressing the Home button and the Power button. Now, to take a picture you will have to press the Power button at the same time with the Volume Up button.

How to call up Siri on iPhone X

Also Siri, the Apple voice assistant, called itself by a long press on the Home button. On iPhone X, on the other hand, you can activate Siri with a long click on the Power button, or by enabling the "Hey Siri" function.

Move quickly between open applications on iPhone X

The exclusive function of the iPhone X is that of being able to "switch" between the various apps opened simply by dragging your finger to the right or left on the bar located at the bottom of the screen.

How to use Reachability on iPhone X

Reachability is the function that allows you to lower the screen in order to reach even the highest corners with one hand. Previously it was activated by double-tapping the Home button. On iPhone X, on the other hand, to activate this function you will first need to update to iOS 11.1 and activate the function in the Settings (General-> Accessibility and enable the "Easy Access" item). After that, just place your finger slightly higher than the lower bar and pull down.

How to unlock the screen on iPhone X

Even the most trivial operation, like unlocking the screen, on the iPhone X changes. Since there is no longer the Touch ID, it is now necessary to frame your face and make (even simultaneously) a slide from bottom to top. It is important, however, that we start sliding the finger from the lower bar, otherwise the screen will not unlock and the latest notifications will be shown.

How to perform a Hard Reset on iPhone X

In cases where a forced iPhone restart is required, the procedure on the new iPhone X changes. You no longer need to hold the Power and Volume keys down for about 5 seconds, but, just like on the iPhone 8, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. press and quickly release the keyvolume up;
  2. press and quickly release the keyvolume down;
  3. hold down theon / off buttonuntil the Apple logo appears;
  4. release the on / off button.

How to call up the Control Center on iPhone X

The gesture you used in the past to call up the Status Control Center on the iPhone X replaced by the one to exit the app. Consequently, now to open the Control Center on iPhone X you will need to make a slide no more from the bottom up but from top to bottom, starting from the top right of the screen (exactly where there are WiFi icons and of the Battery).

How to call up the Notification Center on iPhone X

If, on the other hand, you make a slide from the top down from the left side of the screen (where the time is located) you will open the Notification Center.

How to activate Apple Pay on iPhone X

By double-clicking on the Power button the screen that allows payments to be made via Apple Pay will be launched on iPhone X.

How to use Animoji on iPhone X

Use iPhone X not as immediate as previous versions, even in the use of emojis when you need to send a message to friends. Animoji is a new and fun way to send messages using the new front camera. They would be Emojis that come alive following our facial movements. To use them, we should first open the message application, open an iMessage conversation and select the appropriate icon below the keyboard where the other stickers are located.

In addition to knowing how to use iPhone X with all the new features, you may have the classic problem of burn-in effect on the OLED screen. In this case I advise you to read this guide.