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How to use AirDrop to share photos, videos, contacts

AirDrop a feature introduced with OS 7. It must be used between the various Apple devices, to share each type of file with each other. Apple had already introduced AirDrop for Mac with the release of OS X Lion in 2011. The first version of the service allowed users to share files between two Macs at high speed and without needing a physical connection. This handy feature was also extended to all iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

AirDrop is a convenient feature for Apple product owners. It facilitates the process of sharing photos, videos, contacts and any other type of file between two iPhones or between iPhone and Mac without any configuration. Despite being a very useful feature, not all apple aficionados know how to use AirDrop. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand this function and its practical usefulness. Read on to find out how AirDrop works.

Before showing you how to use AirDrop to share photos, videos, contacts and other files wirelessly between the various iOS devices, here is a brief description of this feature.

How to use AirDrop to share photos, videos, contacts

What and how to use AirDrop

  • Quickly transfer files between two iOS devices. AirDrop it works by creating a Wi-Fiad-hoc network between iOS devices and requires no configuration.

  • AirDrop allows you to transfer files not only between iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, but also able to transfer files between devices iOS and a Macand vice versa or between two Macs.

  • can share any file from the app viaAirDrop if the app concerned implements native iOS sharing. You will be able to share photos, videos, contacts, etc. if the app shows the possibility of sharing with AirDrop.How to use AirDrop 1

  • If there are any iOS devices with AirDrop enabled, these will appear directly in the section Sharing app. If you have a user with iPhone with AirDrop enabled near you, you can see his picture. To share a file, just touch the photo of the affected contact to be able to send the files.

How to use AirDrop 2

When receiving a file with AirDrop, a warning is shown with the preview of the photo, video or file, with the possibility of accepting or rejecting it. If, for example, you accept a photo via AirDrop, after the completion of the transfer, the app will start automatically Photo from Apple. During the transfer process the progress is shown with an animation on the file.

How to use AirDrop 3

How to activate AirDrop

The function AirDrop enabled by default, but you can deactivate it or change the options in two ways.

  1. app Settings. You have the possibility to activate the detection at all, only to your contacts or completely disable the function by going to Settings -> General -> AirDrop and select the item that interests you.How to use AirDrop 4
  2. From Control Center scrolling up to open it. After opening it, keep your finger on the network settings box in the upper left corner. From the panel that opens click on AirDrop and select the item that interests you.

How to use AirDrop 5

Should you not detect the device to which you want to send any file via AirDrop, you must verify the following requirements:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth activated for both. Disable personal hotspot option.
  • The device must be nearby within reach of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • AirDrop of the other device must be set to AirDrop on Tutti. If selected Only contacts verify that you are present in your contacts.

AirDrop can be defined as one of the most useful features for those who own an iPhone or iPad, but few know or use it. In this guide we wanted to illustrate how to use AirDrop but also to demonstrate the simplicity of using this function. I hope you too can start using it.

Another great feature of the iOS Family Sharing system. I advise you to read this guide to discover the utility and how to use this function.