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How to read PDF on iPhone

It will certainly happen to you to receive a PDF file via email or find one on the internet and want to read it on your iPhone. Up to iOS 7 to be able to read PDF on iPhone it was necessary to install a third-party application from the App Store, but from iOS 8, Apple entered by default iBooks, an app that can store and display PDFs directly on your mobile device. In this guide we want to show you how to store and read PDFs on the iPhone. Read PDF on iPad the same method used for iPhone.

How to read PDF on iPhone

From iOS 8 onwards, reading PDF on iPhone has become a very simple procedure, as Apple has installed a default app useful for this purpose. Let's see how to read PDF on the iPhone. To be able to read them, you must first save PDF on iPhone and then open it with any reader.

1. Read PDF on iPhone from Safari

If you are browsing the web via the app Safari and you come across a PDF, you can save it and read it later in a very simple way. I remember in early versions of iOS how many swore "I can't read PDFs". In fact, third-party iPhone PDF readers were needed. Now it's not like that anymore. Let's see how simple it is.

  • After clicking on the download link containing the PDF, you will find yourself with a page where you can choose how to open the document.
  • By default the iOS system app is indicatedOpen in iBooks" and also "Other".
    Read PDF on iPhone 1
  • If you want to open it with iBooks, just click "Open in iBooks"And the document will open in the app integrated in the iOS system. This is the simplest method, because you can read it immediately.
    Read PDF on iPhone 2
  • If you have other apps with which you want to read the PDF, click on "Other?"And the page will appear with all the apps with which you can manage the PDF file. For example, I also installed the app Documents which allows you to open and edit these files. Eventually I could also select this app, or I could save it on Dropbox.
    Read PDF on iPhone 3
  • In addition to this solution, you can find yourself in front of another possibility to read a PDF from Safari. Instead of the Download item appearing next to the PDF, the browser could directly open the file in preview. In this case, from the bar at the bottom you have to click on the "Share" icon and it will open, as we saw before, the page with the apps, which also includes iBooks. Choose the one with which you want to open the PDF.
    Read PDF on iPhone 4

2. Read PDF on iPhone from Mail

If someone sent you an email containing a PDF, you could store it and read PDF on the iPhone in a very simple way.

  • Open the email containing the PDF.
  • An icon with the name of the PDF will appear below. Click on it.
read PDF on iPhone Attachment
  • The PDF preview opens. At the top right, select a square shaped icon with an arrow pointing upwards.
read PDF on iPhone Mail
  • A menu will appear with a series of apps. Search and select Open in iBooks. The app will start iBooks in which the PDF received by email will be stored.
read PDF on iPhone Mail Sharing

3. Read PDFs on iPhone in other apps

If you come across a PDF present in apps other than Safari or Mail, there is an easy way to store and read PDFs on the iPhone via the app iBooks. From iOS 8 onwards Apple has introduced a new way to share content between apps via a practical sharing menu, identical to the one shown in the Mail app. Every time you find a PDF in an app, just click on the square icon with an arrow pointing upwards to open the sharing menu. From this menu it will be sufficient to click on Open in iBooks and the app will automatically be stored in iBooks. Very simple.

How to use iBooks to read PDFs on the iPhone

read PDF on iPhone iBooks

Use iBooks very intuitive. After starting the app, you will find a list of all the PDFs you have stored inside it. By opening one of the PDFs in the app, you can easily scroll the pages with a swipe to the right or left, or using the convenient selector located at the bottom of the screen. You can also add bookmarks, adjust brightness or search for a word in the document.

Read PDF on iPhone a very simple operation. There are also other third-party apps that allow you to underline, highlight and write a PDF document. I found myself very well with Documents which allows you to do all this and much more.

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