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How to make Nandroid Backup on Android devices

One of the positive aspects of having an Android smartphone or tablet is the ability to customize the device by installing custom ROMs or launchers with new themes. However, if you are not so sure of what you are doing while installing a ROM or making continuous changes, or like playing, you may risk compromising some system files. The consequence that the device can be affected by slowdowns or applications that do not work. In this case it would be useful to have made an Android backup of the device and then restore it when needed. Nothing irreparable if you have any foresight, there is a way to restore the entire system using the procedure Nandroid Backup.

In this article we talk about this, how to perform Nandroid backup on Android devices that can solve many problems, even when the soft-bricked device is used. With just a few clicks the entire system is restored and the device is fully functional again, as if nothing had happened. In this guide, you will find simple steps to perform Nandroid backup easily and safely keep the device and data safe. I will also show you how to transfer the backup to your computer so you can save space on your Android device.

How to make a Nandroid Backup

1. Prerequisites

To run a Nandroid Backup on your Android device, this must have rooted permissions and needs to have a custom recovery (CWM or TWRP Recovery). If the device does not have diroot permissions, don't worry, on our site you will find the guide that allows you to make backups without root permissions.

2. Go to recovery mode

To enter modalitrecovery on your Android device, you need to turn off the device and restart it in the bootloader. With many devices, this can be done by turning on the device while holding down buttonsVolume down + Power button. However, it may be that your device also uses another key combination.

3. Run the Nandroid Backup

Once you're in recovery mode, the rest is a breeze. In order to proceed, you need to have a modified recovery installed on your smartphone. The best are ClockworkModor TWRP.We follow the two different ways, which are very similar:

Nandroid Backup

Nandroid Backup TWRP:

  • Go to "Backup"
  • Choose the partitions you want to be backed up. If you are not sure to choose, you must leave the default settings.
  • Make the backup by scrolling down to the right.
  • The device should now run the backup process, once done you can restart the device.

Nandroid BackupCWM:

  • Go to "Backup and restore"
  • Choose "Backup".
  • The device must now back up.
  • After completion, select "return"And choose"reboot system now?To restart the device.

4. Transfer Nandroid Backup to the PC

Now, depending on the number of applications and files installed, the backup may take up some space on the device. To avoid this, you can transfer the entire Nandroid Backup to your computer and delete the one on the device. If it is necessary to restore the device, simply transfer the backup file back to the phone. To learn how to deal with the two options, read on.


Connect the device to the computer and go to the TWRP folder on the device, you will find a folder containing the backup. If you have saved several backups on your device, they will be separated so that you can get the backup folder you need. After successfully copying the folder, you can delete the one on the device.


The approach is the same above. The location of CWM backups is typically found in / data / media / clockworkmod / backups. This means that the data folder is located in the main folder, not in the sdcard folder. Many people reported that they were unable to "see" the backup files and, therefore, could not copy them. One approach could be to use your favorite Android file explorer application and copy the backup folder to another, as in the "DCIM" camera folder. Now, check this folder using your computer to see if the backup is visible.

5. Restore the device using Nandroid backup

simply start the device in recovery, select "Backup" or "Backup and restore" in CWM and choose the Restore option (Restore). Now you can choose the backup you want to use and restore the device. Once finished, restart the device and the game done!

I hope these steps can help you secure your smartphone data and solve the problems you may encounter. If you have questions, you can give me comments.

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