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How to make Android SMS backup and restore

The backup and restore messagestext may be needed because many SMS we have stored are valuable. To preserve them from being deleted, we should get used to backing them up and preserve them forever, but when we go to flash a new firmware on the Android device, all messages are truncated. Now we can save it thanks to a brilliant application developed by Ritesh Sahu called "SMS Backup & Restore". This excellent application does well what it says, but does not do the Android sms backup, also able to restore the backup at any time. After we will see how we can run the Android SMS backupand restore them at any time, or just some, in a single file in .xml format.

This is a very simple application and below we will also see how to download ?SMS Back & Restore?From the Play Store for free. There are two versions of this app, the free version with advertisements and the paid version.

Android SMS backup procedure and how to restore them

  • First thing you need to download the application SMS Backup & Restorein the latest version from the Android Play Store and install it on the device. Once the installation is complete, you need to open the app from the application list.
  • Once the application is open, you can now proceed to select the "Backup up now?From the menu and, after making the settings, all messages are saved. You can choose to save only messages or even phone calls.Android SMS backup
  • The backup is created and saved only on the external SD card and is not sent to external servers. You can also decide to save it on DropBox or Drive.Android SMS backup 1
  • At this point, if you want to restore the backup of the messages, all you need to do is open the application, tap from the menu the option of "Restore"And select the backup file you want to restore. The latter will be saved in the modes chosen by the settings.
  • In addition to the above options, you can also choose between a variety of other options as shown in the image below. The best part that you can even choose the automatic backup schedule, or you can choose many other options like the possibility to select which conversations to save.

This is an easy way to do the Android SMS backup and message recoverythat you have on your phone. In doing so, the next time you update the firmware, you can easily back up your messages to avoid losing them. The free version supported by advertising requires network access permission to view ads. If you don't want ads you can disable them from Settings or buy the paid version from the Play Store.

There are also other ways to make backups of your Android phone, even more complete if you need to save the total data. In this article you can find a useful guide.

Another solution is Nandroid backup of your phone's data and settings. Here is the guide that can help you save all the contents of your phone.