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How to download and install Gapps Android 8.0 Oreo (Google Apps)

A few months ago Google announced Oreo, the latest version of Android with version number 8.0. This version has a number of improvements over last year's Nougat, which makes users eager to upgrade the device to this version. There are not many visual changes, but Google has changed many things to make the user experience better. The Settings menu has been reduced for reasons of simplicity, and now there are new features such as notifications for applications running in the background; adaptive icons where you can choose from various icon shapes such as square, round, etc; the possibility to postpone notifications and much more. This guide is useful if you have not installed the official Android Oreo version on your device and therefore prefer to install Gapps Android 8.0 Oreo manually.

Android 8.0 Oreo officially available on Pixel, Pixel 2 and other Nexus phones. However, many other phones are already enjoying Oreo thanks to custom ROMs. Although there are no official Android 8.0 phones for many builds, at the same time there is a long list of phones with unofficial 8.0 Oreo custom ROMs installed.

install Gapps Android 8.0 Oreo

For example, you can install Android 8.0 ROMs on OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3 / 3t, OnePlus 5, Galaxy S2 / S4 / S5 / S6, Xperia ZX / Premium, Xiaomi 1s / 2/3 / 3S, Note3 / 4, Mi 3, Mi 4C, Mi 4i, Mi 5, Mi 5s and others.

But these custom ROMs simply include the basic Android system. There are no Google Apps pre-installed with these versions. In order to receive all Google features, such as Google Framework, you need to install the latest Gapp Oreo (which stands for Google Apps). Gapps a package that contains the most important Google applications.

Download and install Android 8.0 Oreo Gapps

Thanks to OpenGapps (Open GApps), you can install all your favorite Google apps on any Oreo ROM. There are several variations to choose from, from small packages with only the most important apps, to complete ones with all the possible Google apps. These are all versions:

Super: all the Google applications you could think of.Stock: recommended package. Contains all the apps provided with the latest Nexus and Pixel phones.Full: similar to "Stock", but does not replace non-Google stock applications.Mini: the most popular Google apps with extra features not available in the Play Store.Micro: limited series of apps.Nano: minimum installation.Pico: the bare minimum to get Google Play functionality.Aroma: a graphical installation program, lets you decide which apps you want to install.

You can choose to download all these packages for Android 8.0 ROMs, on 32-bit, 64-bit computers and smartphones with x86 chips.

Download the package you want for your phone, then install it. Here's how to do it.

How to install Gapps Android 8.0 Oreo

  • Install the Android Oreo ROM on your phone if you haven't already.
  • Move the Gapps package you have chosen and the Oreo ROM to your phone.
  • The Gapps will be a zip file, leave it as it is. You don't have to decompress it
  • Turn off the phone and go into recovery mode. You will need to install a custom recovery on your phone if you do not already have one (TWRP Recovery).
  • Install the Gapps package following the next steps.
  • With the Volume keys, select Install zip from sdcard and then press the Power key to select.
  • Select choose zip from sdcard on the device's SD card and find the folder you previously downloaded.
  • Now you have to select it and wait for the installation to finish successfully.
  • Restart your phone. Now you will notice some of the Google applications, such as YouTube, Play Store, Google Framework and more still installed on the device.

This all. Depending on the package chosen, after installing Gapps Android 8.0 Oreo, you will see the Google app icons on your phone, ready to be used.

If you don't know the procedure to install a custom recovery, I suggest you read this guide.

Another guide that you might find useful in this process is how to install a custom ROM using TWRP Recovery.