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How to cut video clips on iPhone and iPad

The new Apple mobile devices offer an integrated way to cut video clips on the iPhoneand iPad without installing any third-party application. This app to cut video useful when you want to upload or share just a piece of a video with your friends.

This feature to cut iPhone video is already integrated into Apple's Photos application and you don't need to contact third-party apps. Despite the name, the Photos app does not only contain photos, it also contains the list of videos that you recorded with your phone or tablet. If you use iCloud Photo Gallery, these are synchronized on all Apple devices.

Cut video clips on iPhone

To create an unclip video on iPhone we have created a guide, just follow it step by step to find yourself a clip to share quickly with your friends.

  • First, open the app Photo. If you are not sure where the icon is, you can scroll somewhere in the home screen and click on the icon to open Photo.
  • cut video clips on iPhone 1InCollectionsof Photos, find the video you want to edit. On the thumbnail you can see the camera icon, which indicates that it is a video and not a picture. At this point you have to click on the video thumbnail.
  • video clips on iPhone 2After opening the video, click on the "Edit?, Located at the top right of the video to start editing it.
  • video clips on iPhone 30Touch and drag the handles at the bottom of the screen to select the part of the video you want to cut. You can click on the button "Play"In the bottom center to preview the correctness of the selection of the video. After having finished adjusting the handles and verifying that the selection of the part of the video that you wanted to cut, click on"end".
  • video clips on iPhone 40Now click on "Save as a new clip?Save the original video and save the cut part of the video as a new video clip. How do you see this method ideal if you want to cut a clip from a longer video and share it easily with someone else, without losing or modifying the original video that will be kept unchanged.
  • video clips on iPhone 5If you want to share the video clip with friends, a very simple procedure, you have to click on the "Share"In the upper part of the screen …….

video clips on iPhone 6

  • ……. and select the video to share, continuing with a button click "Come on".
  • video clips on iPhone 7Now from here you can choose with what you want to share the clip by selecting one of the applications provided in the pop-up that appears on the screen, with which you can share the video. This is a quick way to show your friends the selected video clip, and you can decide to send it via email, upload it to YouTube, put it on Facebook, or send it to iMessage.

video clips on iPhone 8Advanced editing for cutting iPhone videos

This is just an easy way to cut video clips on iPhone and share a part of a video with your friends. If you have different needs and operate on video in an advanced way, you must use other tools. For more advanced editing – including combining multiple video clips into a single video – you'll need a more advanced video editing application such as iMovie from Apple. You can also use QuickTime to edit videos, which comes with the Mac.

You can also cut videos downloaded from Facebook. If you don't know how to do it, read this article to download videos from Facebook on the roll of your iPhone.

You can also download videos from Twitter on your iPhone. Read this guide to find out how.

In this other guide you will be able to see how to download videos from Instagram to your iPhone.