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How to activate Dark Mode on iOS 11

If you did iOS 11 update, you will have seen that finally Apple has inserted the long-awaited Dark Mode, the mode that allows you to dim the screen making it less annoying to use the smartphone in the dark. The Dark Mode could also be an excellent solution to avoid the burn-in effect on iPhone X (read the guide to see how to avoid burn-in on iPhone X), or to drastically reduce battery consumption. Do you have an iPhone with ioS 11 and you don't know how to activate it? Don't worry, in this guide we'll show you step by step how to activate Dark Mode on iOS 11.

How to activate Dark Mode on iOS 11

The function of iOS 11 Dark Mode difficult to identify. This is because Apple has decided to hide it in the general settings, calling it in a different way ("Invert colors").

Precisely for this reason, we have decided to show you in this guide how to enable the Dark mode on your iPhone with iOS 11.

1. Sign inSettingson your iPhone and press on the item GENERAL.

dark mode

2. Go toaccessibilitylater on Screen adjustments.

3. Now, touch on Inverti Colors, after which you can choose between two different onesoptions :

  • Smart color inversion: Once activated, the colors of the screen will be inverted, leaving the media, like the images, unchanged. This way, if you view a photo, the images will remain the original ones. It also works with applications that support this type of color styles.
  • Classic color inversion: It reverses all display colors, making no distinction between images / photos.

Basically both are fine, but we recommend activating the first to avoid distorting the vision of multimedia content.

4.Enablethe mode you want by pressing the switch located next to the option.

activate Dark Mode

Done! You saw how activate Dark Mode iOS 11 on your iPhone. As you will notice, practically all the screens on iOS that previously had a white background will now be completely black. An excellent solution both to reduce battery consumption and to avoid putting our eyes under stress when using the smartphone in the dark. Convenient, isn't it?

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