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How not to exceed mobile operator data thresholds with iPhone

If you do not have an unlimited data plan on your smartphone, you must be careful not to exceed your operator's data thresholds to avoid paying high amounts. If you have entered into a contract with 3, Wind or Tim likely that these plans are not really unlimited. It is possible that your operator will reduce the data transmission speed when 2 GB of downloaded data is exceeded, or the monthly data plan will be divided into weekly limits. But sometimes not exceeding the thresholds really a problem, you need to know how to set the iPhone data threshold using different methods.

By now, all the apps that use the internet connection, like i company, i Web services and the e-mail, cause constant data consumption. Each of us struggling to not exceed data thresholds on the mobile device to avoid paying high bills or to see the internet speed drastically reduced. So how can you live with a limited data plan? To reduce data consumption and not exceed the thresholds on your iPhonefollow these tips to help you set your iPhone data limit.

Monitor to not exceed iPhone data thresholds

To start limiting iPhone data consumption we go in order. Before starting to reduce data usage, you need to know the amount of data actually used. The only way to do this is to monitor and monitor internet usage so that you know exactly what the phone is doing, even when not in use (background data).

The easiest way to monitor data consumption is to search for information directly on the iPhone. The verification process for iOS users a bit complicated, and the results are not very useful as those on Android. Follow these steps to verify the data.

do not exceed data thresholds

Go toSettings> Mobile> go to the Cellular Data section. In Cellular data You can see how much you have consumed, but only after resetting the statistics. If the counter is not reset at the beginning of each new billing period, these data are useless. For example, the last time I reset my iPhone's statistics was February 12, 2016. So, my iPhone displays the amount of data I've used since then, which is not useful for evaluating monthly data consumption.

As you can see in the previous image, the data consumed are:

  • Current period: 60.5 GB
  • Roaming current period: 9.1 MB

But these data refer to the date of the last reset. If you want useful data, you must remember to reset the statistics at the beginning of a new period. How to do? Follow these steps.

do not exceed iphone data thresholds

Go toSettings> Mobile> scroll to the end and click Reset statistics. After resetting the data, you will see this image.

do not exceed data thresholds on your iphone

Check the usage of the data on the convenient device, but the limited function, because you will have to remember each time to reset the function. It is more immediate to keep track of data through the specific applications of the various operators, such as those of Client Area3, MyWind, My Vodafone Italia and others.

Use My Data Manager to check data consumption

To have more effective control over data consumption on your iPhone, it may be useful to rely on a third-party app such as My Data Manager. It is a very useful tool that allows you not to exceed data thresholds by keeping track of the amount of data you use on your device and receiving alerts before the data runs out.

do not exceed my data manager data thresholds

My Data Manager performs data tracking and monitors the use of data on the mobile network, Wi-Fi and roaming. You can set customized alarms to avoid excess costs after consuming your data plan. The New App Tracker feature is integrated, which allows you to monitor installed apps that consume the most data.

WiFi everywhere!

The easiest way not to exceed data thresholds is to take advantage of free WiFi hotspots that are increasingly present in Italy. But using a fast and reliable WiFi hotspot lasts, especially if you have to enter your device's WiFi menu every time, select a WiFi hotspots and hope that the iPhone will be able to connect and not run into a password request.

To facilitate the search for a free WiFi connection some third-party applications can be used. If you want to know how to locate WiFi connections near you, I suggest you read this guide.

Save iPhone data traffic by checking apps

Not all applications are the same. Some applications, such as streaming music and video games, can consume the entire data plan in a week. Not to exceed the thresholds, naturally better to use little Netflix mobile. But there are also other applications that consume more data and that you really need to worry about. These are social applications like Facebook and Twitter (constantly updated in the background), games (which send announcements and notifications) and cloud storage applications like Dropbox or Google Drive (which constantly download files to synchronize them), running out of data without you realizing it.

Another way to not exceed the thresholds and reduce the consumption of app data, that of using applications ?to read?, Like those for web browsing. For example, Opera Mini a lightweight browser that compresses websites before sending them to your device. The web browser Opera Mini web browser for iOS it allows you to do everything you want online without wasting your data plan. a fast and secure mobile web browser that saves you a lot of data.

Opera Mini equipped with multiple compression modes, designed to speed up page loading and minimize data usage. Simplifies the control of web page rendering speed and their direct effect on the data plan.

Opera says that, in its most restrictive compression mode, the browser can save the use of navigation data up to 90%.

do not exceed mini data thresholds

Alternatively you can evaluate a text-only browser, in which case you can use TextBrowser. Text Browser for iOS is extremely light and shows only the text of a web page. If you have access to the network from your smartphone, Browser Text can be very useful. You can select the amount to download, only the HTML files, only the script files or the complete web page.

do not exceed Text browser thresholds

Blocks data in the background

Perhaps you are not aware of it, but the smartphone constantly consumes data packets, even when kept in a pocket. This is because many applications, including e-mail, social media and applications cloud storageI'm always "check in"With a remote server to check emails, updates or new files for download (using your data plan). You can save data usage by limiting the transfer to background notifications in your applications.

There are several ways to reduce data usage in the background. IOS users should avoid downloading too many applications that require constant updating, such as tickers, weather applications, news and updates. IOS users can disable auto-update of applications from Settings> General> Updateapp in the background, by selecting to disable all applications, or just one.

Another way to not exceed data thresholds and limit the use of data in the background is to limit the background of accounts connected to services such as Dropbox, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. To do this, go up Settings> General> Update app in the background and click on the app you want to limit. On this screen you will be able to choose what to synchronize and at what time interval.

do not exceed data thresholds 1

IOS users can counter data usage in the background by disabling push mail is push notifications. To disable push mail or to ensure that your e-mail application is not constantly looking for new messages, go to Settings> Account and password and clickDownload new data. Move the switch push up off, and set the update program to Manually. This way, applications that do not support push notifications will pick up updates only when they are opened.

Yes, you can activate a 2 GB data plan.

You will have to sacrifice some comfort to stay within the limits and not to exceed data thresholds of your iPhone, but surely it is worth it. Check if you really need to see all the latest Instagram messages coming. Just remember to turn off all the functions described above and download everything you can, whether it's an app, an e-mail message or a website, via Wifi. If you can do this, making your data plan last is child's play.