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Here is the app that turns the phone into a Pip Boy

Directly from the post-atomic future, the video game app

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A few days ago we showed you the Pip Boy Edition of Fallout 4, now finally released the app for AndroideiOS (for Windows Phone there will be to wait) that simulates the functioning of this retrofuturistic wearable.

The app designed to connect to your system and perform the same functions as the game menu, which is based on the Pip Boy's green and black interface. Obviously the Pip Boy of the special edition designed to contain a smartphone inside and simulate everything in the game.

See for what Fallout 4 come out on November 10th, for now the app can only be used in demo mode, unless you are among the lucky ones who are already playing there. Inside it you can find all the skills we could use, the entire area map and a minigame called Atomic Command, which is very reminiscent of the great Atari Missile Command classic.


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