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Google Photos makes you hide the photos of the former

Photos lets you label the faces of photos to find them better, but also to remove them from the memory space


Finally they all understood a little, that this story of thedigital archive that keeps alive the memory of what is done, has a great flaw: to repropose images to the user that are not at heart, surprisingly. After Facebook introduced the supersone restrictions and even periods in the content it offers with its "Today Happen", even Google, in its Photos app, runs for cover.

As announced in an official post, in many countries it will be possible, with the Android app update, to assign labels to the portraits, in order to find them more easily, and group them together, but also to hide those who do not like to see again. This will prevent them from being re-proposed by the assistant "Rediscover this day", saving the user from free worries.

After all, the choice of what to keep of the past must be arbitrary, and if once they threw away entire photos and boxes of objects attached to a person, legitimately, they had an alternative for digital content (unless the blocks were used).

However, Google Photos is doing very well: five months after its birth, it has already registered 100 million active users on a monthly basis.


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