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Google: hot air balloons to bring the web to everyone

Google has surprised everyone with the ballooning project. Loon Balloon, this is the name of the initiative, brings the internet to everyone from the stratosphere

Google has surprised everyone with the ballooning project. "Loon Balloon", this is the name of the initiative. Big G has decided to use one of the most fascinating and ancient instruments: the aerostatic balloon. The idea is to bring the Internet everywhere, even in the most remote places, where there is no connection whatsoever. The surprising thing is that the 1783. Google Loon Balloon technology has already been launched on a trial basis in New Zealand. From a technical point of view they float in the stratosphere at a height that is about twice that of the planes, for example. Each ball connects to the other creating a large net. From that height they provide 3G connectivity to the most remote areas, which do not have access to other types of connections. But why are the balloons? There are a number of advantages. First of all, the satellites do not cover the whole world, then the balloons are a more economical and flexible way to provide this service; much faster to do it. In 24 a network can be created, which is impossible with a satellite, so as not to think about the cost of building it and putting it into orbit. Hot-air balloons can recreate an efficient communications network in just a few hours. The experiment started in the southern island of New Zealand with 30 Loon Balloons and the data collected will serve to improve the service for other communities. Google has also created a website dedicated to the initiative