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Google, artificial intelligence to increase office productivity

Computers that respond to emails, graphic designers who compose themselves. Amit Singh, President of Google for Work, on the occasion of the Web Summit, talks about Google's future artificial intelligence projects

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Dublin – The fundamental artificial intelligence for those like Google who aim to organize information worldwide and make it universally accessible and usable. what turns our computers into advisors, and although it may sound like science fiction already, let's think for example of some features of our smartphone like Google Now.

Of this I strongly believe Amit Singh, president of Google for Work, who is introducing new features related to artificial intelligence in more and more products.

Amit SinghAmit Singh, President of Google for Work. (Photo: Web Summit)

Singh, formerly Oracle, was called five years ago with the important and arduous task of creating a new source of income for Google in addition to advertising, through the sale to companies of cloud computing solutions already developed by Google, such as email and Google Apps. Now Google for Work includes Google Apps and Search, Cloud Platform, Maps for Business, and Android and Chrome for Work.

We talked about it while in Dublin, during the Web Summit:We have been investing in artificial intelligence for many years, and lately we have begun to make public some of the results of our projects. Last week we announced the arrival of the new Rank Brain search algorithm, used for example in the search for photos, now we can search for a person inside a photo.Conquestapremessa Singh wanted to introduce Smart Reply for Gmail's Inbox. Imagine having to reply to an email while we are around: Smart Reply automatically proposes three answer options to choose from. We can use it to give a quick answer or to start a more complex conversation. This alone one of the 100 projects they use the intelligence artificial we're working on Google, and we're working hard to build better and more powerful models, anticipates Singh.

A similar feature was announced a few weeks ago, functionality within Google Sheet, called Explore. With Explorer you can view graphs and analyzes automatically created based on the data within a worksheet. Identify patterns in the data and add the graphs directly into the worksheet. All this thanks to artificial intelligence. All our products are now based on artificial intelligence.WebSummit2 million are companies around the world that pay to use Google Apps, making it the most widely used cloud solution. Google Apps is also becoming a platform within which other developers can integrate their solutions through the Google Apps Marketplace. And always during the Web Summit, the president of Google for Work announced a program called Recommended:To be able to offer our customers these new safe solutions developed in our ecosystem: in this way we can offer many more products in areas where we are not leaders.

There are many variations of Google for Work, one of these dedicated to education, Google Classroom, I ask him if he is having success among teachers: Putting technology in the background allows them to focus purely on teaching, which they love to do. Google Classroom allows you to speed up and automate routine work, such as assigning tasks and collecting them; to save time that can be dedicated to activities such as individual explanations. The funny thing is that when we were developing this project, we asked some teachers for feedback by testing it: in the end they didn't want to give it back. In a few months 11 million teachers have registered with Google Classroom. We learned a lot from this collaborative project and applied it to other projects.

Another curious fact: more than 50% of Google Apps for Work users reside outside the United States, the adoption today therefore higher outside the US and on mobile, perhaps because many of these countries do not invest in cloud computing and cannot offer cloud technologies like emails and phone documents.

In these days, about cloud technologies, an initiative launched in Europe two weeks ago is starting in Europe: many companies need to test these new technologies, for these companies Google gives you the opportunity to study the cloud computing technology for free for the period of time it takes. This will help break down the barriers to the adoption of these technologies, especially financial barriers.

And then? There are interesting things we are working on, especially on experimenting with new types of experiences. For example with OVS we are experimenting with new ways to experience the store, transforming the classic store into a digital store, now you can make digital experiences in the store using our technologies.

Singh, finally, tells us another program designed to support developers: Startup Launchpad provides technologies, events, online resources, experiences and community to be able to create their own app. There are many Italians with good ideas who are participating in the specific program for European developers. And in Europe there are also hubs, places where you can go and ask for advice on how to use technology or how to make an idea: they are in London, Warsaw and Madrid.


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