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Gmail, Inbox responds to emails for you

The function identifies the emails that seem urgent, and then proposes a series of plausible answers: a sort of secretariat for electronic mail


To respond to emails you need intelligence. Artificial, if necessary. an AI system that is behind the technology introduced by Google for its Gmail Inbox called "Smart Reply".

As announced during the Web Summit in Dublin, it is a function that automatically proposes plausible answers to the emails that arrive.

It is clearly a short and concise answer: Inbox proposes three at a time, after evaluating which emails would need a prompt reply.

The new secretarial-like function will be released next week in the English versions of the app for iOS and for Android.

The behind the scenes of such a rich mechanism, and the fundamental user help. As it works for spam, people's choices will improve the service. Thus, the artificial intelligence system will learn from the choices: the accepted answers, as much as the excluded ones, will train them to do better.Google's Inbox service, initially launched with an invitation system, which became available to everyone last May.


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