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Gadget Windows 7 and Vista, package of 1000 gadgets

You are looking for Gadget for Windows 7 is seen? You have found the right place! In just one pack we have collected over 1000 Gadget for Windows 7 and see all the types, to be used comfortably on your desktop, and have a hand or eye in a second what interests you most!

windows 7 gadget view

For the uninitiated, Gadgets are small programs, hosted in the sidebar that a bar on the desktop, which communicate with other programs, or through websites and services, bringing you all the data you need comfortably on the desktop, always open each time a different program individually. This innovation has already been taken with the Windows Vista operating system and is spreading more and more with the current Windows 7.

Well, having said this, let's see some of the Gadget for Windows 7 and Vista that you will find in this package!

I will list some categories of gadgets present, then for each category there are more than one:

gadgets windows 7

These are the only ones that I entered on the screen, but there are so many to try:

  • Weather gadget, with temperatures, forecasts, min and max, setting your city!

  • Gadget Cpu, on the percentage of use, on the Ram and on the hard disk.

  • Gadgets for search on search engines, various engines, google and others.

  • Gadget to set the computer's shutdown, logoff or restart time.

  • Battery control gadget for those with a laptop.

  • Gadgets on news portals.

  • Gadgets for making calculations, calculators.

  • Musical gadgets in which to insert the name of an artist to see his discography with the album titles.

  • Event Agenda type gadget with date and time setting and event alert.

  • Gadget for Gmail type mail.

  • Musical gadgets such as the piano, with keyboard that clicking sounds.

  • Games gadget like sudoku.

  • Uptime gadget to know how long your computer is on.

and many others …

also if you have someone to suggest you can post it in a comment!

The 1000 Gadget package for Windows 7 can be downloaded here:

Windows 7 gadget pack 1 – 172064 KB on RapidShare

Gadget Windows 7 pack 2 – 56007 KB on Rapidshare

While for the first package of gadgets just a simple double click, to install the second package of Gadget you have to copy the folder of the gadget you prefer in c: Program Files Windows Sidebar o Program Files (x86) of the version of windows you have!