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Free Vodafone Android hotspot: how to do it

One of the biggest limitations of Vodafone's data offerings is the inability to exploit the available GB for free to use it as free Vodafone thetering and to connect a PC or laptop to the network. By activating the hotspot, Vodafone will immediately charge a cost of 6, valid for the whole day: you will be able to take advantage of the GB for the hotspot, but at a high price! In this guide I will show you how to activate Vodafone Android Hotspot for free, so as not to spend anything and still use the GB available!

Using your smartphone as a modem or in Wi-Fi hotspot mode to navigate with your Tablet or PC, with Vodafone this service has a cost. Up to 1GB of data traffic per day costs you 6 euros (VAT included). If you exceed 1GB of data per day, the cost of 2 euros for every 100 MB. This limit of Vodafone, forces many potential users to choose other telephone operators, but if you are a Vodafone lover, following this guide you can connect to the internet network of your smartphone also on other devices, such as computers and tablets. Read on to find out how to use Vodafone Android thetering for free.

NOTE: as guessed from the title, the guide valid only for Android devices.

Free Vodafone Android hotspot

Vodafone hotspot cost: prevent charging from 6

Before making any changes, I advise you to protect yourself by blocking access to the paid hotspot in the profile settings for Vodafone, so as never to pay the 6th charge. If something goes wrong in the guide, you won't be charged and you can try again without problems!

The option to activate can be found inYour offer -> Activate new promotions -> Internet Blocking Service from PC once you have successfully accessed the Vodafone page.

LINK | Vodafone

Free Vodafone Android hotspot 1

Activated this item, you will have to wait for the confirmation SMS before continuing with the experiments, since the block will be active only after Vodafone has communicated.

Change APN

To activate Vodafone Android Hotspot for free you need to change the APN with which the device connects to the Internet via the LTE or 3G network.

Go to the menu Settings -> Mobile networks -> Profiles (or Mobile Networks or Names of Access Pointsbased on the Android smartphone you are using), tap on the APN Internet tethering. On some smartphones it may be necessary to keep your finger pressed on the item until the menu appears with Change APN.

Note: be sure to make changes to the APN with access point ", Otherwise the change will not work.

Free Vodafone hotspot Android

Once the APN configuration window is open, scroll down to find the itemAPN type, where they will be present default is supl as entries (check that they are present).

Free Vodafone hotspot Android

To finally activate your free Vodafone Android Hotspot baster click on the item APN type and add to existing entries, dun (don't forget the comma and don't leave any space with the other voices).

Free Vodafone hotspot Android

Confirm by tapping OK and saving the new APN. Now you can finally surf with free Vodafone Android hotspot.

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