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For those that … USB and FireWire

For those that … USB and FireWire logomacitynet1200wide 1

Hot Line, the Italian distributor of ADS Technologies; has released several new FireWire and USB products from the Californian company to the press over the last few days. The offer is particularly varied and interesting and offers interesting ideas for those looking for products that offer a good relationship between price, performance and functionality. In addition to the PCI / USB cards (USB Port), CARD BUS / USB (USB Port Notebook) and the HUB 2 USB ports, Ho LIne distributes a PCI USB card, the USB TURBO QUAD 4, able to offer 4 independent USB ports at 12 Mb / sec to be able to use up to 4 peripherals simultaneously. On the FireWire front, and with similar features, here is the PYRO Basic DV, a PCI – FireWire card capable of offering 3 IEEE1394 ports, ideal for connecting peripherals and for capturing movies and images from digital equipment. Also included is the Digital Origin EditDV unplugged software. For the PowerBook world, the PYRO 1394 Notebook, a Card Bus – FireWire card with 2 IEEE1394 ports (one 1-6 pin and a 1-4 pin), is ideal. to connect peripherals and to capture movies and images from digital equipment. Here also we find included the software of Digital Origin EditDV unplugged. Instead, it addresses those who need to acquire moving images the PYRO 1394 Web Cam FireWire. It is a mini-camera with other performances with a resolution of 640 × 480 at 30 images per second equivalent to the NTSC standard. The real 330K resolution (uncompressed) FireWire technology (400 Mbits / sec) offers, as stated in the specifications distributed with the camera, an exceptional video quality. Included is the VideoLink Pro Lite software from Smith Micro for video conferencing and ArcSoft Video Impression and Photo Fantasy for image processing. Finally, there are also PYRO Memory Reader, a Compact Flash or Smart Media reader or Sony Memory Stick FireWire to instantly view images and videos or upload and download MP3 files at 400 Mb / sec.

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