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For Apple a quarter in red

For Apple a quarter in red logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple will end the current quarter with a loss of $ 250 million. The same company announced it yesterday with a statement, followed by a press conference, during which the forecasts for the fourth fiscal have been updated. Forecasts all in negative not only for the fact that for the first time for almost two years now Cupertino forced to close in red, but because they add up a series of data that show suffering in the Mela market. Apple said that a good part problems are caused by a slowdown in the economy which has affected the entire computer sector and which is forcing operations to liquidate unplanned warehouses. In addition to this Apple is paying penalties to its suppliers for the impossibility, always determined by the slowdown in sales, of maintaining the orders previously scheduled. A situation that will not improve by the end of the year when the quarter closes. "By the end of December – said Fred Anderson – we will have to put on the market another 250,000 machines and for this we have been forced to tread the hand on the promotions" . Moreover, Apple is finding great competition in this area. "There are many producers who are following this path due to the crisis affecting computers". Altogether Apple has paid around 135 million dollars in "promotional" costs (in particular cuts to the list and reimbursements post sale) not foreseen. Another 115 million dollars are to be referred to the penalties we mentioned above. The turnover should be around one billion dollars. Following this new reduction in expectations on the fiscal quarter, Apple now expects sales of 6 to 6.5 billion dollars, 13% below that, already in turn "reduced compared to the first forecasts at the beginning of the year, announced during the press conference of the tax returns of the previous fiscal quarter." We are not simply prepared to face three problems together: the slowdown in the world economy, problems for the American information market and some of our bad market choices ". In particular, Jobs reported during a press conference the "gap in the speed of the processors and the bad performance in the educational market and the continuing difficulties in the sales of the Cube. But we are working to remedy everything. In the coming months we will have new hardware that will reduce the gap with Intel processors. We will reaffirm our leadership ". And then another admission of error "We gave ourselves the hoe on our feet by ourselves with a wrong planning and bad choices, in particular in the transition from one line to another during the month of July". We recall that many media, including Macity, reported some inconsistencies, largely due to the lack of faster processors, in Apple's market plans. Jobs has claimed that many customers have postponed the purchase of faster machines waiting for MacOs X of which 100,000 copies of the beta version have been sold. Apple expects a positive return in the next quarter, aided also by a huge amount of cash in his coffers. "Four billion dollars is stuff from Schwarzenegger – Jobs said jokingly – we can tolerate this fourth and even a worse economic crisis, if this arrives"

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