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FireWire networks at your fingertips

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The ADS Technologies cards are distributed in Italy by Hot Line and provide the older machines with the possibility of fully exploiting the advantages and potential of the FireWire interface. The PCI card equipped with three FireWire ports and is given complete with the Digital Origin EditDVunplugged package, for use with DV cameras. The FireNet software is also supplied in demo version, to test the advantages of a network on FireWire. We do not know if the software supplied is in Mac or PC version since the multiplatform card, however, even if it were only in PC version, would mean that in any case the card can support the working protocol. Similar situation for the PC Card, this card works with Card Bus technology, so it will be possible to use it only with the most recent G3 powerbooks, starting from the WallStreet, and supplied with the same software packages as the PCI approval; in this case, however, only two FireWire ports will be available.

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