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Find out what your face is like when you are old

Often regarding the photos taken in the past, we make comparisons about our changes over time, for what we rarely ask ourselves "what does he have as an old man? ". To get rid of this curiosity I found a nice site, which allows us to make a variety of changes to a photo, including the curiosity to see us in several years.

This you see below is an example of what can be achieved, taking as an example a well-known film actor, Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise Young and Old!

But let's see how to create these effects, in total simplicity, it takes just 1 minute, and it is within everyone's reach.

We load this site The Face Transformer

And we will find ourselves in front of this screen and proceed according to the indicated points:

  1. How to age a faceWe load the photo by clicking on Browse, which we will select from our Hardisk or pen drive or cd / dvd support.
  2. We select the sex of the subject of the photo.
  3. The age that has the subject in the photo.
  4. Submit to proceed to the next step.

At this point from the photo we have to select the face excluding clothes or other things in the photo that must not be aged, as you can see in the photo below:

face selection to age

Once this is done, click on Next and go to the next step.

center lips and eyes

This important step for the success of the effect, since in this way by positioning these circles and the green ellipse, we will exactly indicate the centering of the photo.

We have reached the final step, where we can apply various effects, which you can see in the list below, here I have made an example with "modigliani":

apply aging effect

and finally click Save to get the final effect!

Have fun!