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Farmville Strategies and Tricks

By now everyone or almost everyone has an account on Facebook, and besides getting involved in other people's events, sharing photos, videos and moods, they spend a large slice of time on some famous games of this social network that are enjoying considerable success.farmville tricksOne of these, if not the top of the games, Farmville, that, for the uninitiated, a game set in a virtual farm where you can grow different types of vegetables and fruit, with the possibility also of having animals, building buildings.The strong point in the fact that you are not alone in playing, but you can interact with your neighbors who can give you gifts like a plant or an animal and, if you want, you can reciprocate. The purpose of the game is to enlarge your farm, growing more I can't, taking care of animals and collecting the fruits made from your plants or trees.

We need to keep up with this game, as all the actions have their own time, we need to water the plants to prevent them from drying out and to harvest the fruits and then sell them, make friends with the farms that surround us, in short this game is a drug for who still does not know him.

But to do all this you need virtual money that accumulates by playing and, in the next few lines, I will show you some tricks or even better strategies to facilitate you in the game!

Strategies and Tips for Farmville:

To avoid wasting virtual money on useless things, you have to start with the right strategy and follow these tips:

  • Analyze the most productive objects, discarding others.
  • Take advantage of the time, in order to maximize collection times, to water and to invest the virtual money earned.
  • Don't waste money on embellishments and decorations, or, if you want to do it, do it when you are at a high level so that wasting money won't hurt you that much, if you must, buy them carefully to lose the minimum and gain experience.
  • Begin by using strawberries as fruit, and then unlock new, more productive items such as apple and cherry, to finally abandon strawberries and devote yourself to very profitable pumpkins.
  • To gain money and experience, visit your neighbors, especially when they are not connected, so as to earn 20 coins for the camp alone and to unlock new items and acquire money to be able to exploit them, to exchange animals, trees and fruits that you can't buy.
  • Cultivate the plants based on how connected you are on Facebook, if you connect with little you bet on pumpkins or chillies, while you bet on blueberries if you are always online.
  • Rotate the different types of cultivation as quickly as possible to gain experience.
  • Another trick to gain experience buying animals, especially sheep.
  • Drive the birds out of the field to earn 20 coins.

There are also programs that allow you to plow, sow and reap the fruits automatically, you can download LazyFarmer, it will greatly simplify the game, especially the hassle to have to click each square! See the video below that explains what you have to do to use the program:

FARMVILLE - Lazy farmer guide

Finally I recommend this site where you can find more information and tips: Tricks FarmvilleBuon Games!