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Enable call barring on iPhone

Block or identify Spam calls coming from various companies that want to offer us their latest service, which has become very simple since iOS 10. Developers have the possibility to develop extensions for the Phone app. This allows you to create software to identify the caller and, if desired, also enable call blocking on the iPhone, especially the unwanted ones coming from advertising.

TrueCaller one of the main apps for smartphones that identify and possibly block Spam calls. Using this service, it becomes easy to focus only on important calls, saving us a lot of time behind calls made for advertising purposes only. Let's see how it works TrueCaller and how to activate it on iPhone with iOS 10 or higher to enable call barring and identify the caller on barring on iPhone 1

How to enable call barring on iPhone with Truecaller

The first thing you need to do before proceeding, install the app TrueCaller. You can find it directly on the App Store at this link and you can install it for free on your iPhone. At the first start you will be asked to register for free. Complete the registration phase and you will be ready to proceed with the guide.Enable call barring 2

  • After installing Truecaller, go to Settings -> Phone.
  • Select the item Call barring and identification.
  • A call entry will be present TrueCaller. Enable the corresponding button.

Enable call barring 3This all. From now on, whenever you receive a call, Truecaller will tell you whether it is Spam or not. Very simple operation and additional information will appear under the caller's phone number, within the usual iOS call screen.

well to specify that Truecaller is not infallible. The Spam number database is updated daily by the millions of users of the platform. It may therefore happen that some numbers are not reported correctly. Should this be your case, you can manually enter it into the app so that it will be Spam the next time you call back.

Another useful function of Truecaller is that which allows you to create your own Blacklist. Accessing the section My unwanted list in Other, you can also enter phone numbers that we would like blocked every time they try to call us. Truecaller a very useful service and, thanks to the novelties of iOS 10, it becomes even more interesting. What do you think of this call barring service on the iPhone? Helps you identify unwanted calls?

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