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Edit Playstation 3 hacked by GeoHot [AGGIORNATO!]

3 Years, 2 Months and 11 Days … this is the time that the multi-level security system implemented on Playstation 3 to be completely passed.

All by GeoHot, young and brilliant hackers already known for the jailbreak on the iPhone (see blackra1n) that we managed working on it little more than 5 weeks.

If you follow us on twitter, surely you have noticed the tweet almost in real time last night, with the sentence we report in the image:

geohot hacked ps3

GeoHot (pseudonym of George Hotz), as stated in his blog geohotps3, he had access to the entire memory in writing and reading along with the Hypervisor mode to execute code.

He also managed to perform a dump of the NAND memory without modchip, all taking advantage of a exploit that unintended (for the moment) to reveal; this to avoid, according to what he claims, also unlikely counter-moves to Sony.

Of course it is just a small but very important news, there is still a lot to do especially from the software point of view. Lead the way to homebrew is custom firmware on PS3 and it is very probable that the direction on which to move will be the same as that undertaken by developers is hackers up PSP.

Obviously we will keep you updated and we will continue to follow the evolution of the hacking process closely Playstation 3, as we do for Wii and for XBOX 360.


GeoHot released theexploit for reasons of transparency and to ensure that the hacker community can work on it and start pulling something out of it 🙂

He also reiterated that it can make the system do whatever it takes in mind and the only way Sony has to run for cover is to completely redesign the hardware of the Playstation 3.

What is still missing "root key"To completely break the various security levels and allow to decrypt / encrypt everything that happens; GeoHot himself has hinted that he has it. In any case, su PSP for example, even if you never came into possession of the root key, we saw Custom Firmware, Loader and HomeBrew as we all know.

However, to have access also to the reader blu-ray, much work still needed reverse-engineering which will take a long time.

Who is interested in the technical details of theexploit, can read the article in English How the PS3 Hypervisor was hacked.