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Disable UAC in Windows 7 and Vista

To make Windows secure, Microsoft has decided to equip it with a security module that is named UAC, (User Account Control), which has the task of managing the permissions for each individual user of your computer, thus preventing the execution of programs that could be harmful, which you could instead do in the past directly from the "system administrator" mode set automatically from Windows XP.

It often happens that in Windows Vista and Windows 7 even if your account is set up to have system administrator privileges, you will be identified as a user without permission to install software, and you will have to confirm each operation step by step, or even you will be denied the possibility to install programs, all due to this UAC module, which can be disabled in a few steps and in a very simple way.

For disable UAC first we open the Control Panel as you see in the image below:

turn off uac

Once the control panel window is open, type in the white UAC field on the left, and you will see that the list of elements below will be reduced to just "Operations Center, you just need to click the blue link with the word" Edit Control Settings " of the user account.

disable uac

You will now find the following window:

UAC deactivated

all you have to do is bring the bar to the minimum level, to "Never notify", restart the computer, and finally the UAC will be disabled.