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Disable driver digital signature permanently (Windows 7 x64)

Windows 7 x64 has enabled a default functionPatchGuard"Able to prevent the installation of drivers that they do not have a digital signature.

Windows 7 Digital Driver Signature

Often one needs to disable this function, for example using 64 bit JungleFlasher; the most used method (there are several) is to disable the check on the digital signatures of the drivers by pressing the "F8" key before starting the operating system and choosing "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement?, Operation to be repeated every time Windows is started.

A patch is available for toskrnl.exe is winload.exe to disable so permanent control over the digital signature of the drivers. It works with Windows 7 x64 is Windows Vista SP2.

Download disable_pg_ds.rar (or from the official site)


To apply the patch, once the file has been unpacked, simply run 3 steps:

Perform all the steps at your own risk!

1) Start 1.cmd2) Start 2.exe and click on "patch"3) Start 3.cmd

On restart choose "Patchguard Disabled".


If you want to remove the change and return everything to its previous state, execute these commands:

1) Open cmd.exe (start -> run -> type cmd.exe)

2) write:

bcdedit / delete {46595952-454E-4F50-4747-554944FFFFFF}

3) delete inside Windows system32 the files ntkrnlmp.exe is osload.exe

Official source Fyyre