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Cortana is also coming on iOS

The Redmond home recruits beta testers for the arrival of its artificial intelligence on Apple products

(Photo: Microsoft)(Photo: Microsoft)

Cortana, the voice assistant made in Microsoft, is finally going to make its debut on iOS too. The company Redmond announced an online recruitment survey for anyone who wants to be part of the beta tester group. The artificial intelligence borrowed from the Halo universe is now a fixed and appreciated company on Windows systems, but Microsoft wants to take it to the competition products for to ensure a widespread presence even in the smartphone environment, where it struggles to establish itself.

Indeed the beta phase on Android instarted in August, while the start on the iPhone and iPad should take place in a few weeks. Interested parties can start filling out the survey to reserve a place, with the knowledge that the only regions where the software for the moment will accept to be activated are the United States and China. But since on Windows Cortana it is already efficient even in Italian, it should not take long before we hear it speak our language also on bitten apple products.


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