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Cisco Apple lawsuit for the iPhone name

The agreements that were expected to be signed the day before yesterday or, at most, yesterday did not arrive and Cisco sues Apple on the iPhone name.

To make known that he filed a lawsuit against Cupertino in the district court of Northern California the same Cisco in a note released to the press. According to what is learned from the meager communication, the request sent to the judge to "prevent Apple from deliberately and knowingly infringing the registered trademark" iPhone ".

As noted, the name chosen by Apple for its phone under the control of Cisco, which acquired the right to use it thanks to the incorporation of Infogear in 2000; registration of the name dates back to 1996. Cisco sells (under the Linksys brand) a line of iPhone products; some models were released just before Christmas.

"We opened a good faith negotiation with Apple, after which we were repeatedly asked to use the name of our property. There is no doubt that the new phone is exciting, but they cannot use our registered trademark without permission. Today's iPhone is not the iPhone of tomorrow. The potential for convergence for home phones, mobile phones and endless work phones and for this reason it is so important for us to protect our brand "

According to ArtTechinica, the cause would have arrived after almost two or three years of negotiations and with various drafts of the final agreement already submitted to both parties but never signed.

It is probable that the company of the routers and switches has introduced to its subsidiary Linksys the VoIP device with the name "iPhone", to make even more solid its legal claims towards Apple adding to the title of the name also the presence a product marketed at least in the United States.

According to ArsTechnica, which reconstructs the story in a fairly detailed manner, the negotiations have gone on for several months, with alternate phases and offers and counter-offers that – in the end – Apple has dropped into the void. Now, if Cisco actually wants to go ahead with a lawsuit, it opens up for Apple the possibility of keeping despite all the name (paying a lot of money to Cisco and remaining under the anvil.

One can also think that the lawsuit is part of a strategy to exert more pressure during negotiations. What is certain that Apple and Cisco have plenty of time to find an agreement on the matter, given that the iPhone will not be marketed until June.