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Belkin Bluetooth Dock Adapter: iPod removes roots from docks

Belkin also relies on bluetooth technology, introducing its new iPod dock adapter. Thanks to the Belkin accessory, you can connect the dock adapter to your connector system, connect the other component to your iPod and you will have the possibility to manage the music without having to leave the mp3 player inserted on the system you used .

An accessory of undoubted utility and comfort, but which perhaps in some cases could undermine the aesthetic harmony of some docking systems. In some cases, in fact, the iPod is not just a simple external peripheral to be inserted and exploited in an aseptic and functional way, but a real corner stone that would have the task of 'completing' an incomplete system, both from a technical point of view and aesthetic.

A docking system without an iPod may seem a paradox … but these are certainly aesthetic issues that we leave to the personal taste of everyone. The convenience of an accessory like the Blekin bluetooth dock adapter not in question at all.

Compatible with iPod nano 1G, iPod mini, iPod with iPod video color display and any iPod with clickwheel; the manufacturer guarantees a five-hour wireless range.

The adapter will be launched in the US next March and, later, in Asia, Europe and Australia.