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Barrel at the Nasdaq

Barrel at the Nasdaq logomacitynet1200wide 1

Predictably, Apple is suffering severe punishment at the Nasdaq. At the time of writing, AAPL quotations are almost 14% lower than yesterday's slightly higher closing and are now below the value of $ 15. This level had not been reached since the distant June of 1998, before the marketing of iMac. Then, to be precise, it was June 26, before the share price was set AAPL was set just above the $ 28 corresponding to just over 14 today. The maximum value was instead reached on March 22 of this year. Then, before the collapse of the Nasdaq Apple, it closed above $ 144, corresponding to 72 after the split, touching even 150 during the trading of the following day. In just over two months, Apple has lost almost 70% of its value, but as much as 80% if we consider the maximums. In just over forty minutes, 5 million shares have already changed hands, against a daily average of just over 12 million.

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