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Apple will purchase the license for the iPhone name

Apple will purchase the license of the iPhone name logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple and Cisco are negotiating on the name "iPhone". To make known that there are discussions in progress to allow Cupertino to use this mark to distinguish its phone from the same Cisco in a statement released late yesterday evening.

As known, Cisco has the right to use the name thanks to the incorporation of Linksys, which happened some time ago; Linksys had registered the iPhone name to use it in a line of wireless phones and Voice Over Ip then appeared on the market in December when it was already under Cisco's control.

According to what we learn from the Marketwatch website, a sort of comparison table would have been open for a few days now. Apple, again according to Marketwatch, would have basically agreed to pay Cisco to acquire the right to use the name and an agreement could have come already during yesterday afternoon. The economic details on the granting of the name are not known, but it is likely that Cupertino will not get the brand cheaply, given the value of the same and the proportion of the bet that it has put forward with the launch of the mobile phone presented yesterday in San Francisco.

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