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Apple, the Cisco iPhone is not ours

Apple doesn't seem willing to easily yield to Cisco's pressure on the iPhone name license. This is the impression that comes from the first statements made during the night from Cupertino, on the sidelines of the legal action taken by the company specializing in network devices that asked a US court to block the marketing of the phone until at least your brand will be changed.

According to Greg Joswiak, global marketing manager for iPod (and under whose responsibility iPhone also falls) Cisco's request would have no solid basis as the phone marketed by Cisco bearing the iPhone name would not be a direct competitor of the iPhone from Apple because it is a different thing. One, Cisco's, a Voip phone, our cell phone. "

But even in this case, as with the Cisco complaint, one could simply be faced with a game of chess between the two parties. On the one hand Cisco could have brought the matter to court to increase the pressure (and therefore the price) of the negotiation, on the other Apple would be playing its role in the negotiations.

In any case, Allonn Levy of Hopkins & Carley law firm, interviewed by PC World, points out that for Apple it would be a wise move not to start selling the phone with the iPhone name until it has reached an agreement with Cisco because otherwise could constitute an infringement of international copyright laws.