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Apple, proprietary satellite technology for exchanging data between iPhones | Rumor

In home Apple something is cooking. He reports it Bloomberg, according to which the Cupertino company would be working on a proprietary satellite technology to create its own data network to use with its devices, iPhone first and foremost.

Apparently, this would be an embryonic project, the continuation of which is far from certain at the moment. According to the report, Apple would have hired a team of aerospace engineers along with some satellite and satellite system designers: the goal is to develop satellite communication technology to allow iPhone & Co. to send and receive data, creating so a connection system for Apple devices without the need for a third-party mobile network.

The project it does not necessarily include the construction of its own satellites, the Cupertino company could be limited only to the development of terrestrial transmission equipment, relying on third-party orbital solutions. Definitely an ambitious project, thanks to which future iPhone owners could exchange data independently of the mobile phone network. This could be the most interesting aspect, however this technology would have the potential to be used to provide even more accurate location services, with enormous benefit of all mapping applications.

The objective is complex but not impossible, most of the satellites for data transmission require communication with the ground stations which then exchange information with the end-point devices: naturally a large-scale satellite constellation would be needed to support a similar service.

There are many unknowns in this regard, it is nevertheless interesting that Apple wants to consider the idea of ??offering a proprietary connectivity service bundled with iPhone, available perhaps for primary functions such as iMessages, voice calls and satellite navigation features, finally leaving the mobile network managing more "demanding" operations such as streaming, web browsing and downloading large files.

It is worth emphasizing that there is no confirmation from the company, it is a simple rumor accompanied by some pseudo-evidences. Of all, it is worth mentioning some rumors of significant assumptions, including the former Aerospace Corporation executive, Ashley Moore Williams, and former Skybox Imaging, Michael Trela ??and John Fenwick.

Still on the subject, there is a recent market rumor that Broadcom would sell one of its divisions dedicated to the production of RF chips: Apple would be among the companies interested.